Sunday, 16 March 2014

Techniques of Faux Painting of Walls

This unique technique comprises of smoothing the surface of a wall with sandpaper and by designing niches and smudges on the walls to create an exact replica of the marble wall tiles and gives it all an extravagant appearance.

To give your walls a soft and comforting look that resemble like pure fabric, this technique comes in handy and done by painting sharp streaks of colors all over the wall. They can also create a very romantic environment.

Venetiam plaster
Many historical buildings have been designed using this technique which can create a plaster design that looks very rustic and brings a whole another dimension to your walls and ceilings.

Rag painting
Also a very remarkable way to paint the wall by pressing them with rags and making it look noteworthy and outstanding.

Sandstone finish
This is done to create the effect of sandstone in your environment. Gives the entire house a very nice and cozy feel to it and is mostly used around fireplaces.
Faux painting techniques are flawless and are going to be the talk of the neighborhood and make you extremely proud to make such an excellent decision.
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