Wednesday, 29 January 2014

11 Tips To Paint Your Walls In Decorative Way

Decorative painting is very unique art form that requires unique skills and techniques not found in any other form of painting. Following are the top few tips which will help you to bring out your creativity in wall paints and find your inspiration.

1.            Clean space would be necessary.
2.            Organized painting space allows more time to be creative.
3.            Brushes must be of good standard
4.            Brushes must be clean and of good quality / condition
5.            You must keep the worn brushes away for  scruffy work
6.            You must separate the brushes into containers.
7.            It is necessary to anybody to make advance arrangements for painting and arrange its accessories such as Palettes knives, rulers, pencils, sponges, etc
8.            You must organize the paints by company and by color. Paints racks will keep the paint organized and easy to find
9.            Whenever ay paint project will come, first you have to analyze all things like how much resources you need and what kind off.
10.          Then, you have to evaluate its schedule timings like which date to start and which date to end.
11.          Make a list of all the things which you have to order and what are the things you need for that project.

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