Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Wall Decoration of a bedroom – Creative and unique ideas

As we all know that every home contains normally four kinds of bedrooms such as Master bedroom, teenager bedroom, kids bedroom and guest bedroom. No other type of room is normally found in any home. And, it is also well known that each room has its own style and decoration. Paint companies of decorative wall paints have also introduced new innovative styles of wall paints.

If your bedroom received an enough amount of direct sunlight than you must have to be careful while paint your room walls. The best thing is you have to create shadows for decorating purpose. This will not only limit the heat but also limit direct penetration of sunlight. You have to first observe that wall at which sunlight penetrate then apply paint on that wall.

There is another idea to limit sunlight and heat temperature from your room is to décor your room walls with the pictures of jungle, rain forest, sea side or any island cold beauty spot in which rainfall shown. These are the naturally spots from which we can control the heat and sunlight and made them limited.

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