Friday, 10 January 2014

Varieties of Exterior Paint Coatings

When you think about wall painting the most important and key element to consider is choosing the paint is finishing touch. You will find variety of exterior paint finishes and you can select or choose for the one according to your choice. Below are some of the exterior paints:

Textured finish: Exterior paint with texture finishing is one of the most popular choice throughout the world. As far as exterior walls are concerned they must be rough and sturdy to bear the heat, wind pressure and dust. Textured material provides thicker coating to exterior walls and makes them to appear very strong.

Flat finish:  Flat finish provides neat and clean as well as elegant look to exterior walls. These type of paints do not have any strong shine but when applied provides an effect like a shell to exterior wall.

Gloss finish: Glow finish provides an elegant effect to exterior walls. These type of Paints have very good shine in them that is very important for painting the surfaces.

Manufacturers of paint are adopting new techniques to introducce new varieties of wall paints.Firaccolor is one of the emerging name among top quality paint manufactuers.

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