Friday, 31 January 2014

Health Risks of Paints For Children

Level of traces found in children blood stream is very common and very dangerous. Small amount of their present in child’s blood have small or low risk, however larger or huge amount can change a child’s life forever. There are a variety of sources found which found lead but however lead paint is one of the well known source which causes towards lead poisoning.

Children are curious and every child mistakenly consume paint or paint chips that contains metals and leads. The effect and impact of lead paint poisoning in child body can be very dangerous and harmful. The after effect of lead poisoning is child can become more annoyed and have trouble focusing on activities. Children effect in medium exposure, they may have difficulty in learning, reading, writing and learning social skills. Hearing loss is also a common symptom. Extremely large amount of lead in the system may result in irreversible brain damage.Firacolor paints are away from such health risks as they are chemically processed to eliminate the odor affects.

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