Thursday, 3 April 2014

How to clean painted walls?

How many times have we all faced this question mostly in our households that due to an accident a stain came on the wall or the children drew on it or some sort of mold hs started to grow on it. these are some problems that we face and the only way to solve it is to clean them using careful instructions.

Before cleaning the walls, one needs to have some basic knowledge of the type of paint that is there on the wall. All paints have different ways of cleaning methods and if started with the wrong one, you may be in far deeper trouble than you already are.
The best way to start is to find and contact the paint manufacturers so that they can inform you of any related detergent or any other product that they have to clean the walls. If not, then one must approach this problem carefully. Remember always to use gloves when cleaning.
The most basic way to clean walls on a regular basis is to simply brush them lightly. Make sure to brush to the very corners of the walss because that is the place where spider webs form and other dust also gathers.
In the event of a stain, there are many stain removals available in the markets and stores which can be used to clean it. Bear in mind to use it only on the spot where the stain is and not on the entire wall. Make sure not to scrub hard but in a gentler fashion.
Another way to clean is to get a tub of water and a sponge or a soft cloth and after putting it the tub and making it nice and wet, gently wash the wall and make sure that if the color is getting affected then stop the process immediately. This can also be achieved by a spray gun to put water on the wall first and then dry it out with the cloth.
In case of switches in  the wall, it is important to make sure that they are turned off if you are washing the wall which can be a bit dangerous. Dirt can also stick on the outside of the withstood clean them, use any old toothbrush and clean the grime with it. Keep the brush away from the switch or any plug holes that are there(if any).

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