Thursday, 13 February 2014

Are You Preparing to Decorate Your Residence Walls?

Whenever you want to start to decorate or furnish a room of your resident, first you need to prepare yourself.  You have to arrange a bag that you can hold at a moment notice is very easy and prepare you for the destiny.To many times the decorator leaves for the accessories or store without a key items. When most of the residents are out of their homes, they have a hard time recalling the exact paint colors, the patterns and colors if the furniture. A bag containing items that you keep in the trunk or near can save you from multiple trips to the same store.

Manufacturers of paunt keep introudcing new trends and tricks. Here are some of the important items you should keep in the bag are as follows:
  A small sample of wood piece to match against furniture
A paint chip
  A small pieces of clean cloth
o A video and pictures of your current room taken from your cell phone.

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