Friday, 14 February 2014

Important Instructions while Painting Your Lounge

These are few things you have to keep in mind while painting your lounge are as follows:
1.       Remove all those stuff which is easy to remove
2.       Covered all stuff which is left behind and unable to remove with good dusting sheet
3.       You also must have to covered carpet, furniture decoration pieces

4.     You have to prepare all walls, ceilings, the woodwork and anything you want to paint
5.       Now, you have to start painting the ceilings. Remember, when you start from one end and work towards the other end.
6.       Use a big fluffy roller. You will get paint in your face but you should have washing facilities available such as a good shower for when you finish
7.       You must have to wear some protected clothes to protect your self
8.       Then starts painting the wall. Cut in neatly along the ceiling line so that you have a nice clean line.
9.       Walls normally needs at least two coating of paints

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