Sunday, 22 December 2013

Types of Exterior Coatings

Exterior wall coatings are types of coatings used as a treatments developed forexterior masonry surfaces. They primarily have 2 main functions. first they supply a lovely end to the outside of a building The second role is to increase the life span and durability to exterior walls Exterior wall coatings thus tend to be quite high finish systems that use prime quality and sometimes pricey ingredients.
 As far as exterior coatings are concerned they usually applied with much thickness when comparing with traditional exterior paints. Actually its acts as a resistant to weather and work as protective shield against natural problems that could affect the wall. selecting the rights system according to the dynamics of houses is mandatory before painting.

Exterior coatings usually contains large amount of resin which provides different features such as adhesion, flexibility and elasticity, examples resins found in coatings are acrylic, polyester and piloite.
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