Monday, 24 February 2014

3 Tips To Select Wall Paints

Usually people remain extra conscious about matching of room colors with the other furniture already present. In reality, this is not so much technical as people think. There are few important techniques which can be practiced to give the room a decent look with minimum efforts.

1.Analyze your furniture:
First of all, visualize and then analyze your furniture colors. Never does the same color paint as the furniture is. Otherwise , It will definitely bore the whole environment. Make a contrast with the furniture color.

2.Analyze your room
After analyzing your furniture, it is important to analyze the dimensions and location aspects of the room. Select deep shades for large rooms whereas light shades for small rooms. This ideology really works for all environments.

3. Make color combinations.
Once it was a time when the same paint used to be painted at all places of a house but with the passage of time trends have been changed now latest trends reflect color combinations in a room. You may select a light shade for your room and can draw outlines with dark colors, similarly pillars, doors and windows can be given a contrast with the base color of the room.

Manufacturers of decorative walls paints introduce new color combinations and design patterns for all kind of environments. Firacolor has a list of color shades which can really improve your home looks. Visit website to read catalogue of paints.

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