Thursday, 23 January 2014

Techniques of Painting

Sometimes you have a chance to been to houses that have a special uniqueness feeling just because of the reason that one of the walls in the living room had been decorative and painted with special paints.
Different techniques are adopted by manufactuers of paint to introduce new shades in the market. 

These techniques are not so difficult or complicated as they sound actually they are quite easy. techniques such as;

Color blocking – It involves technique such as painting different blocks of colors of different sizes on to a particular block. There might be a thing to remember that by using decorative painting in your living room is that color blocking contributes an air enlightenment to a room and because of the attention it attracts, it is best to keep it to one wall only.

Sponging – It is a very simple technique. All you have to do id paint a base coat of the color you like to on to the wall. Once it dries, you should have to use a glaze. Similarly, to sponging is bothering after base coat dries, use a crushed cloth or foam dipped in a glaze and simply blot rub it on the wall.

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