Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Precautions of Wall Painting

You are healthy but still feeling dull, lazy and out of energy in your house? Look around your room and your house your wall paint is getting dull, when you are in a such dull color environment how can you feel energetic?.So it’s time to paint your interior wall with color full and energetic colors.

But before painting your inner walls of your house here are some precautions that you should follow before painting your walls so you end up with the best.

1.      Always select paint and painting style according to the room size because if your room is small and you choose dark color for it than it will look more small vise versa for the big room, never use light colors for big size room.

2.      Always choose the best quality paint like Fira Color for your walls so that your walls never get dull.
3.      After the paint selection its time to paint the walls. First of all cover all the sofas, carpet and other furniture so that they cannot be damaged by paint stain. After that clean the wall with all dust and scratch it with sand paper too make the surface smooth and equal.

4.      If there is holes in the walls fill it with putty and when putty gets dry rub the surface with sand paper so the surface become equal.

5.      Now paint the first coat of paint on the wall. And give it at least 12 hours to get dry. After 12 hours paint the second coat and again give it 12 hours to dry.

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