Friday, 7 February 2014

13 Graphic Design Ideas For Decorating School Walls

If you want to decorate your school walls from colorful graphics, you have to only use good quality exterior and interior decorating coating like fira color’s exterior coatings.

Design with unique ideas and texture which will tempt students in the class. Give bright life to walls. Make walls own school a fun-learning platform for students by using great graphic design.
Here are some wall graphic ideas which we can use as a design for your school.

·         Zoo Graphic design
·         Under Water Life
·         Egyptian Mummy Pyramids design
·         Horses running in green hills
·         Ocean View
·         Time travel through periods
·         Time Travelling Machine
·         One seat Air plane
·         Children theme park
·         Museum gallery
·         Chocolate and Candy world
·         Cartoons designs
·         Learning purpose like ABC…or Tables or calculations etc
These are the few samples which you can design there graphics to you children walls and it seems that children’s very much like this concept.

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