Thursday, 30 January 2014

3 Tips for Walls Improvement

1. Always use base coat by yourself. To keep low cost, ask around to you circles of friends and family and hope that you will find the desired help who is willing to help you in coating. Then the artistic job you will able to applied to the base layer.

2. If the wall paint is less than one and a half year old and is in very good condition. I will suggest that you have to work with the existing wall base color. If you want to change a color by using the base old color, you can have a dramatically different looking room with half the effort and a great new look.

3. The best decoration is 'decorative painted boarder' added around a room or in selected areas. Most people’s done this in hallways, kitchens and bathrooms. When you add a vine, or flowers to any wall color, you instantly get a different feel, and colors you never knew will start to shine through the room. This beautiful new texture will give the impression to guests that you got the whole room re-painted.

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