Sunday, 27 April 2014

Comparative Analysis of Paints Industry

Paint has become the need of the modern world, as without it no construction work would be considered as complete. Paint is the beauty of houses, automotive, furniture as well as of packaging. The increase in the construction and other areas where paint or coatings is used, has helped the paint industry grow rapidly in the past few years.

2013 has been a pretty good year for the industry as a healthy growth has been witnessed in the paint market. There have been reports that state that the growth in the construction industry as many new projects have commenced and many are yet to start, this increase in construction work is basically a good signal for the paint industry.

Paint Companies considering the growth in the industry have decided to make the most of this opportunity, as this can prove to be a very benefiting one. The paint Industry can be divided into three markets mentioned below;

·         Architectural or decorative
·         Industrial OEM
·         Special Purpose Coatings

These are the measure market of paint and coatings, basically the growth of paint industry is very much related to the growth in these three markets on the contrary, the downfall in these markets can become the cause of downfall of paint industry globally, since these markets are growing, these markets are helping paint industry to grow as well. To contact the paint company Visit 

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