Sunday, 15 June 2014

Paint Your Kids Room With Wall Art

Kids naturally are inclined towards artificial things, and they consider them to be of real at the same time. Painting their room can be a hard nut to crack but if done with following the tips mentioned down below it would become a cakewalk.

Decide “What” First
For a kids room you might want to get those things painted that he or she is interested in, they can be simple shapes with colors that are flattering, and this is for kids who are very young. As for the kid who is can walk and talk, you can paint something that he is interested in. Just ask him what it is that they like. Whatever you get painted on the wall of your kid’s room, it should be pleasing to your children and eye-catching for them as well.

If you have a kid who has started going to school, he would have his own interest that you should consider before painting. Kids of such age are basically attracted by sports, technology or whatever it is they like.Paint companies are equally guiding the users of wall paints to use their products according to the requirements.

Use Hand to Paint
Sketching the idea you have on the wall with the help of light pencil strokes, is very important as once you have made the sketch, your painting is half way done. Now you might want to buy a painters tape to paint what you have made a sketch of and after pouring the paint into a pallet start filling in the sketch of with the paint but make sure you section all of your illustration beforehand with painters tape being very careful here. After a wall gets painted it takes almost 24 hours time for a wall to dry off fully. here comes the need of acrylic sealer which needs to be applied to the paint. Once this process is done, start removing the painting tape in order to let the sealer dry and then to unveil another section of the illustration, reapply painters tape.

Paint Using Stencils
In order to beautify the room you need to look for stencil which best suit the theme of your kid’s room and the painting that you have done. In order to fix the stencil flat and firm on the wall you need to use blue painters tape. Then, if your design is based on only one color use roller painter but if your design requires that you will have to use a paint brush. This will also take duration of 24 hours.

After you have successfully painted the walls of the room, now you depending upon the interests and likeness of the kids, you can use different photographs or pictures with natural beauty that the kid loves. 

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