Friday, 4 April 2014

How to paint walls without taping?

Have you a wall that needs painting and don’t know how? Maybe you have painted before but never without  taping the walls. Then its time to get started by following these simple guidelines. You do not have to be an artist to paint a wall. All you need are the proper tools. And trust me when I tell you, you do not need tapings for your wall. It is simply a waste of money and it will not be as simple a method as this.

Most people waste their time in taping their walls to make sure they can paint in the right way and not do it wrong. They fail to realize that taping is the wrong way to go. One has to spend many hours taping and then do the painting based on that. Most of the time the paint drips from the painting onto the floor and its not a pretty sight.

Now before you start, make sure that every furniture in your room is completely covered by some sort of sloth or some sheets. This will make sure that if some paint does tend to fly around it will land on the sheets rather than on your sofa. Also make sure to cover that part of the floor as well that is connected to the wall. We do not want the floor dripping in paint from the wall.

Now that we have that covered, we choose paint. Make sure that the paint is from a good manufacturer otherwise it wont matter how many coats of paint we apply on the wall. Next, we need a paintbrush and firstly we have to break it in a bit to make sure it’s a bit flexible.

Since you don’t have taping, concentrate on a simple flow of motion of your brush. Hold it like in your hand as if you were drawing a picture. After wetting the tip of the brush well with paint, holding your steady try to make a simple motion with your brush on the wall. Starting from upwards and push the tip downwards and then repeat the flow again. If you wish you can also use an angled brush if you so choose. If you wish to save more time, use a paint roller and apply paint by pushing the handle up and down.

After you have given the wall two paints of coat, your wall has been painted. You can let it dry for a couple of hours before taking away all the cloths from your surrounding furniture and floor.  Visit Firacolor for more details.

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