Saturday, 29 March 2014

How To Calculate Total Area for Paints

After you know how much paint you have to buy for your home, than you have also to calculate the ceilings. So, for that purpose, you have to multiply ceiling length by its width and add them together to get the total paint you required for your home.

Do that for all of your rooms which you have to paint and then at the end, get total of all area. Now, when the total came, multiply that figure buy 15%, The extra 15% is for wastage, spillage and a very little left for touchups.

Now, you have to total area to be covered, you need to find out the spread rate of your paint. This is the number of square feet that the manufacturer says the paint will cover per litter. This number will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but will generally be around 3 to 4 hundred square feet per litter. Divide this number into your total square footage of wall space any you have the number of litter paint that you need.

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