Monday, 25 November 2013

Tips For Bedroom Wall Paints

Selecting good manufacturers of paint is very important because good paint will reflect your personality. After selecting and buying the best paint the next step is to moving away the furniture from walls and also all the decorative items and cover the floor with some sort of tarp.

If you are painting the ceiling of the same room for which you are learning how to paint interior walls it’s very much necessary to sand and paint the ceiling first before moved towards wall.

For walls you will have to first fill the gouges or holes if any with putty after the wall have been sanded. Now at this point strip around the edges, corners, windows and molding are ready to paint. This will make easy for you when you will start rolling the paint on the walls.

While rolling paint on the walls roll simply using one smooth stroke. Do not be worry if the first coat not look perfect. Most importantly over the same area do not go back and forth multiple times. Keep rolling and move on the next area. Visit for more details.

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