Monday, 7 July 2014

Paint your Luxury Home with Fira Color Decorative Coating – Effect Gold and Silver (Part D)

Before applying Decorative coating of Effect Gold and Effect Silver to your home, you must have to prepare you walls and wooden surfaces for coating to be applied.
Surface Preparation
·         You have to clean you walls with al kings of stains such as oils, pencils or any other
·         You have to dust walls
·         You also have to dust all wooden walls
·         Clear walls and wooden walls with blistered paints
·         Now you have to level the surface of the walls with the help of Firacolor Acrylic putty thin. This material will   help to level the walls, so, it is easy for painter to paint the wall and coating will be easily apply
·         Now you have to undercoat the wall surface to protect the wall surface
·         Now you have to paint the surfaces with Firacolor Primer, this will help to hide the defect in the walls

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